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HORFASA logró durante los pasados 8 y 9 de febrero realizar de forma conjunta la renovación de la norma ISO 9001 y al mismo tiempo realizar el seguimiento la UNE-EN 1090...

Certificado ISO:9001 (español) PDF

Certificate ISO:9001 (english) PDF

Certificado UNE-EN 1090 (español) PDF

Certificate UNE-EN 1090 (english) PDF

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HORFASA achievement the UNE-EN1090

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Usual result of close collaboration with its customers Horfasa innovation that leads to a perfectly tailored to your needs and manufacture arises market demand.

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On March 31, 2014 HORFASA succesfully conducted the follow-up audit of ISO 9001:2008.

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Aware of the strategic importance within the industry, Horfasa decides to invest in these relevant sectors and exacting in economic valuation, speed and reliability of supply.

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HORFASA already has his new certificate of ISO quality 9001:2008 for his areas of activity of calderería and the transformed metal-workers...

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